Recorded Webinar

The state of the Nordics hotel landscape following COVID-19 and what hoteliers can do to prepare for better times

From April 21, 11 am CET

The entire global hotel industry is going through a type of reconstruction and is forced to make big adjustments to survive due to the dramatic decline in demand as a direct consequence of the coronavirus. The unexpected market shifts have left hoteliers around the world wondering what to do and how to react to the spread of COVID-19.


In this webinar from April 21, we presented the latest hotel market data focusing on the Nordics. We discussed how hoteliers can act on the current situation and at the same time focus on the long-term planning to prepare for when the market starts to recover.


Together with some of the smartest minds and hoteliers in the hotel industry, we presented the most important points for you as a hotelier to consider, including things to do and not to do in order to take your hotel operations through this challenging time the best way possible. 

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Hoteliers that shared their experience and advice in the webinar



Alexander Edström,

CEO Atomize

Alexander will be moderating this very experienced crowd and focus on steering the conversation towards what hotels can do to cushion the blow the coronavirus crisis is having on their property.

Your sights should be set on the future, i.e. the second half of the year, when this crisis will hopefully have passed, and people will be taking the leave they accumulated during this time.


Johan Johander

CEO Benchmarking Alliance

How hard have the effects from Corona hit the hotel market in the Nordics, and are there any glimmers of hope?


Benchmarking Alliance presents the numbers for the Nordics, market by market, and put them in perspective.

Continue to keep track of data, it's crucial to making the right decisions and to see when the market starts to turn around.


Erik Tengen

Co-Founder Oaky

Erik is co-founder of Oaky, passionate about hospitality tech, and loves public speaking. He says his specialty is to make other people enthusiastic and to dare. What makes him genuinely happy is when people tell him that after having talked to him, they want to break free of old habits and give their own visions a try. 


Hold on to your rates. To lower your rates can take a second but to get them back to your normal ADR level can take years.


Therese Christierson

Country Manager, Customer Alliance

Therese Christierson, is born in Stockholm and lives in Germany since a long time. Having worked as director or sales & marketing at Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Radisson Blue, and Intercontinental Hotels and private owned Hotels in Germany, she started her own company TC Hotel Marketing 2006. Since 2017 she is supporting Customer Alliance to implement the Online Reputation Management tool in Sweden.



Use your good reputation to determine the rates you need. Good reviews scores and listing position provides the costumer a very important trust element. This will help you to win new guests and revenue.


Thibault Catala,

Founder Catala Consulting

Thibault Catala is the Founder and Managing Director of Catala Consulting, a revenue management consulting firm based in London. The company is currently managing close to £80M annual revenue for his clients in Europe.


Before creating Catala Consulting, Thibault has led the strategy and revenue management operations for several positions in Europe with IHG and with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in Asia.


Forget about the "baby boom", think of a "travel boom" post crisis! Today more than ever hoteliers need to prepare themselves for the next few months and revenue management will be at the centre of all the attention."


In the webinar we will also hear from OTA Insight, presenting the current status seen from their hotel data and COVID-19 affecting the hotel markets and how event cancellations are rapidly changing the market demand in key cities.

Tijl will also share some insights on the Nordic market performance to shed some light as the crisis evolves.

Listen to some of the most experienced partners in the industry.

Tijl Speetjens,

Senior Business Development Manager, OTA Insight


Oyvind Eikaas

Hotel Director

Dyreparken Hotel

Øyvind has 20 years of experience from different Hotel Management positions for several well-known hotel brands in Norway. As a Hotel Director for Dyreparken, Øyvind will share the experience from how Dyreparken in Norway has handled the corona-crisis for their hotel.



Ellinor Sjöstedt

Revenue Manager

Bank Hotel & Berns Hotel

Ellinor has worked in the hotel industry for 13 years, with the top expertise in Revenue Management. Ellinor will share the experience from how Stureplansgruppen has handled the corona-crisis for their 2 hotels in Stockholm, Bank Hotel and Berns Hotel.



Jesper Gunnarsson

Commercial Manager

VOX Hotel

After 11 years abroad where I worked for Leisure Travel, First Hotels and Nordic Choice and studies at Les Roches in Switzerland, I chose to move home to my home town of Jönköping. At Vox Hotel, I work as a Commercial Manager and thus have responsibility for departments such as revenue management, sales, social media and marketing.

Jesper will share the experience from how VOX Hotel in Jönköping, Sweden have handled the corona-crisis.






Revenue Management

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