Hotel Revenue Management Software

Want to set your room prices at the click of a button and start spending more time on strategic revenue management? 


Our smart features do everything from price setting, demand forecasting to pricing groups.

Mobile Ready

Atomize is with you whenever and wherever you need it, easy-to-use on any device and especially on your mobile

Cloud Based

Nothing for you to store or maintain - accessible from anywhere, at any time.


How Atomize works

Atomize finds growth opportunities in your hotel and predicts what price changes should be done to earn more. Each suggestion can be rejected, revised or accepted by you, the one who knows the big picture of the whole business. Accepted actions will be applied automatically to your PMS, and once you trust our price recommendations fully, you can switch on auto-pilot.

Atomize is a lot more dynamic than the way we did revenue management in the past. Our rates change literally up to three to four times a day, so it´s very fast pacing.

Eccleston Square Hotel, Olivia Byrne

What Atomize takes into consideration

Historical data and performance

Data such as reservations and group allocations fetched from your PMS to reveal booking pace, cancelation rates, trends and much more.

Competitors/Comp set data

Atomize continuously monitor

your chosen competitors for price and room availability changes. 

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Search patterns and non-bookings

We analyze data from your web booking engine, such as unique searched and non-booking that typically reveal clue on future demand.

Local Holidays

Local holidays and typical demand for your country is considered automatically.

Price hierarchy between room types

We price your room types dynamically and independently of each other, but we make sure that we never break any price hierarchy rules that you have.

Effect on adjacent days

When we recommend a price change for a specific date, Atomize does also consider the effect it has on the days before and after

Atomize - Revenue Management Software

An overview of Atomize most appreciated features and functionalities.

All of them are Included in Atomize Professional Package.



Sit back and relax. Switch on Autopilot and let the system automatically update your rates per room type, without having to review them. 

Save time by letting Atomize optimize your pricing.

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Real time price RMS

Real-time Price Optimization

Atomize is the only RMS supporting real-time price optimization. The hotels moving to real-time price optimization now will have an enormous competitive advantage in the next 24 months.

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Group Pricing Module 

A simpler and more efficient approach to pricing group booking requests. Group bookings play a large role for many hotels, whether your property focuses on events and conventions or attracts leisure travel groups.

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Reporting Module (Revenue Insight)

Compare actuals and on-the-books with previous time periods, booking windows, pick-up trends and analyse your revenue KPIs.
Combine a wide range of indicators such as rate codes, channels, room types and immediately understand where and how you can drive revenue.

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Atomize Packages

Depending on your need we have two different packages, the standard package and the professional package.



Our smaller package including

the basic and standard

functionalities you need to

optimize your price setting.



Our most popular package including our special features and modules.

With this package you will be fully equipped to handle your revenue management tactics.

The ultimate guide when you considering investing in a revenue management software.

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