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Atomize Raises €2 Million in an Extended Seed Round to Accelerate Development and Global Rollout

GOTHENBURG, January 23, 2019

Atomize, a cloud-based revenue management system for hotels, has raised €2 million in an extended seed round to accelerate product development and global rollout.

Atomize has, in less than one year from its commercial launch, expanded into more than 25 countries and across five continents. It has rapidly become one of the hottest software vendors within Revenue Management for hotels and recently won the award for being the Top Rated Revenue Management System for hotels: https://www.hospitalitynet.org/news/4091523.html

Hotels can achieve revenue uplift and enormous cost savings through automation, by using Atomize cloud-based Revenue Management System.

"2018 has been a remarkable year for Atomize, where we have got confirmation of that there is a clear demand of what we offer and what we do is unique. We have succeeded to get the message across as easy to use, quick to implement and great ROI” said Alexander Edström CEO of Atomize.
We are making Revenue Management easy and accessible to all hotels by the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Hoteliers, in general, want to enhance their guests’ experience, not spend time in front of the computer trying to figure out the optimal price for their vacant double room. Here Atomize adds tremendous value and it is time that we let more hotels know about it”, Alexander continues.

Benefits for Hotels

- Atomize can be set to full automation (autopilot) in setting optimal hotel rates

- By the use of the latest technology and algorithms, the system is self-learning, meaning that it automatically learns and takes smarter pricing decisions as time passes by.

-Atomize believes in an ”easy in, easy out” philosophy – by offering a free trial and no binding contracts.

About Atomize

Atomize is the new rising star and award-winning RMS within the field of Revenue Management for hotels. Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, Atomize helps hotels around the globe to maximize their revenue, by automatically setting the optimal price per room type. Considering its relatively recent entry to the hospitality scene, Atomize is already used in more than 25 countries, across five continents, by hotel properties in the full range from 10 to 1250 rooms. Atomize is set to be the world leader in Automatic Revenue Management. https://atomize.com.

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