Senior Revenue Management Expert Joins Atomize 

-In Key-Role to Overlook the Expansion in the DACH Region

Atomize recently recruited Marco Kleiner,  a well-respected, senior revenue management expert, as Director of Business Development for the DACH region. This is a vital role for Atomize’s continuous expansion in the DACH area and for the company’s goal of becoming the world leader in automatic revenue management. 


Marco has worked in several senior revenue management positions for international, well-known hotel brands for over 20 years and now joins Atomize after being responsible for the revenue management department at the Mandarin Oriental in Munich for the last three years. 


Here is a short interview with Marco Kleiner about his new position at Atomize and how he sees the future of revenue management.

1. Could you please briefly tell us about your background?

Marco: “I’ve been working in the hospitality sector since 1993 and within revenue and reservation management for more than 20 years. I’ve worked for well-known international brands like Mandarin Oriental, Rosewood, Rocco Forte, InterContinental, NH Hotels and Marriott in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, UK, Belgium and Switzerland.”

Marco has a deep understanding and knowledge of the RMS space since he has spent many years working with different revenue management solutions and property management systems like IDeaS, EzRMS, Opera, Protel, SMS, etc.


Marco holds a Bachelor-Degree in Economics from the Suffolk University Boston and the University of Hamburg.

2. What will your primary responsibilities be at Atomize, and how will you execute those actions?

Karim Parto, Head of Sales at Atomize, expressed the following thoughts:

“Marco Kleiner is a humble and well-respected person on the Revenue Management scene. His immense experience and know-how will play an imperative role for the expansion of Atomize in the DACH region. The level of trust he brings, as well as the ability to resonate with other hoteliers and add value to the team, is something out of the ordinary. I look forward to having Marco open our German office to provide our clients in that region with a real revenue management expert and a valuable resource, with local presence.”

Marco: “I will hold the position of Director of Business Development for the DACH region based in Munich, Germany. My main responsibilities will be to overlook the expansion of Atomize in the German, Austrian, and Swiss markets and to work closely with the team in Gothenburg and our other business partners in the region. Furthermore, I will assist with the future development of the product itself, to make Atomize the most commonly used and appreciated RMS in the DACH region.

3. How has revenue management changed over the last decade in the DACH market and what do you envision for the future in terms of revenue management?

Marco: “The German-speaking market has undergone a significant change in the area of automated revenue management in the past ten years.
Large and small companies have had to get used to the fact that revenue management is not just important for large chains. In addition, the trend has shifted away from countless Excel spreadsheets, some of which took hours of work, to automated systems.


“The work of the revenue manager has a huge impact on a company’s overall development. Today, revenue management is recognized as a complex topic, and the role of the revenue manager is taken more seriously. Many companies have already made the position part of top-level management.

“However, not every company can afford the position of a Revenue Manager and often this critical task is still assigned to a front office manager or reservation manager, thus reducing the time available for qualitative strategy setting. It is often the general manager personally who takes care of rate strategy, occupancy optimization, and market intelligence. Here, in particular, investing in an RMS is of the utmost importance to be able to focus more on strategy and efficiency.

“The future of revenue management will become more strategic. An RMS can and will effectively support revenue managers in achieving a property’s goals but will not replace them. With further technological advances, revenue managers will be able to spend more time on analytical thinking and strategic objectives.

“Management that has been somewhat skeptical about the topic, will recognize how important the use of artificial intelligence is. In the next ten years, I see pricing becoming fully automated. Revenue managers will be on the same level as the general manager within the company and most likely change the title to profit manager soon.


“Fewer hours of meetings to analyze the data, more confidence in technology and increased attention to costs and ROI will become the new norm. With the ever-increasing range of hotels, cost-pressure and ever higher revenue targets, there will be no hotel that can afford not to use an RMS to exist and stay profitable.”

4. Please share some personal trait that no one else knows about you.

Marco: “Sailing is one of my hobbies. I love the ocean, feeling the wind and the warm air. My wife Katja and I love to travel and are dreaming of a house at sea. I also enjoy cooking and spending quality time with friends and family.”

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