The main benefits of using Atomize Revenue Management Software

The hospitality industry is going through a transformation and the way hotels do revenue management is changing.

The focus of today’s revenue manager is not only to set prices and increase RevPAR but also to optimize the company’s long-term strategy, driving total revenue (TRevPAR) and profitability. Revenue management is taking on greater significance at the core of the hospitality business.

Atomize supports this development with the best possible next-generation revenue management technology available, top rated by hotels after only one year on the market.

Benefits of using Atomize, a next generation RMS

- Streamlines your revenue management tactics

The main advantage of using Atomize is that you gain more time to focus on revenue management strategy rather than tactics.

- Automates your price adjustments

Let the system optimize and handle your price adjustments. The Atomize pricing algorithm decides the optimal room rate at any time in order to sell at the best price level and maximize your hotel revenue. Atomize is a revenue machine, working 24/7, 365 days a year, by day, and by room type.

- Turns data into revenue with smart pricing

Smart pricing is what AI-powered revenue management is all about. Atomize employs artificial intelligence to decide the optimal price based on demand forecasts, competitor rates, and price sensitivities as well as other factors, such as type of room and length of stay.

With the latest innovation in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Atomize continously gains knowledge and insights that enables it to progressively improve the accuracy of its forecasts and pricing decisions.

- Ease of use

Simplicity is one of the main advantages of Atomize. You do not have to be a revenue management expert to use and understand the solution.

Price smarter, forecast more accurately and increase your hotel revenue and profits.

Take your hotel’s performance to the next level with Atomize, the next-generation revenue management system.

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