Set the right price automatically with Atomize and Mews

Mews helps hoteliers across the world to provide a seamless, modern customer experience. Atomize helps hoteliers automatically setting the optimal price at any given moment, for every room type. 

How this combination works

All decision get prepared for you. Atomize gives you the best possible price suggestions. Say 'yes' to our price recommendations and with a 'click of a button' they are updated in your Mews PMS.


Atomize Revenue Management System and Mews Property Management System helps to automate many parts of daily hotel operations and free time for developing a superior guest experience. Data such as reservations and group allocations fetched from your Mews PMS to reveal booking pace, cancellation rates, trends and much more.

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The main benefits of using Atomize RMS and Mews PMS

  • A seamless experience where your reservation and booking data are being fetched from your MEWS PMS to Atomize RMS and price recommendations are being automatically pushed back to MEWS, saving you 20-40 hours per month


  • Prices are being recommended in real-time, 365 days into the future.


  • You can expect an incremental revenue between 9-15%

Revenue uplift

Revenue uplift 9-15%

What do clients say?

“One of the amazing things with using MEWS and Atomize together is that the prices are automatically pushed into the PMS when we approve them in Atomize.  We don’t have to spend time putting the prices manually into the PMS and we also eliminate the risk for human error.


The use of Atomize is one important factor that has resulted in an increase of 18% in revenue during Q1 2019!" 

Olivia Byrne, Managing Director

Eccleston Square Hotel in London

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"Atomize has been a real game-changer for the board of directors. Now they no longer have to spend time analysing the accuracy of their pricing because they trust the price recommendations from Atomize and can entirely rely on them.


Before using Atomize, Sara, the hotel manager spent approximately one or two hours per day setting room rates. It was a tedious manual process and depended fully on Sara being present to handle it. If the hotel manager was sick or on holiday, it was a risk factor" 

Rasmus Gustafsson, Head of Marketing and Sales Frimurarhotellet in Kalmar, Sweden

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