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Our mission is to provide high quality software so hotels can provide a high quality guest experience. Along the way we've created a strong team culture that exceeds workplace expectations. Our vision is to become the world leader in setting optimal prices for hotels.



We change the way revenue management is done


Atomize is a rising star within the field of Revenue Management Software (RMS). Headquartered in Sweden, Atomize helps hotels around the globe to maximize their revenue, by automatically setting the optimal price per room type. 


Atomize is used in more than 40 countries, across five continents, by hotel properties in the wide range from 30 to 1250 rooms. Atomize is set to be the world leader in Automatic Revenue Management. After only one and a half years in the market, Atomize was rated the number 1 Revenue Management Software for hotels, before the big players in the market. The ranking is based on customer reviews from 80 hoteliers on

Atomize is known as an innovator and maverick in the revenue management software category. During 2019 Atomize was the first RMS to solve real-time price optimization which opens up huge possibilities for our customers to gain a competitive edge in their respective markets.

Atomize in numbers

20 000+

Rooms optimized





The Atomize story

Prior to starting Atomize the founder, Leif Jägerbrand ran an adtech company which never lost a single optimization benchmark, not even to Googles platform and it was ranked no. 1 in the world in the adtech field.

Coming from an industry where everything was 100% automated, the founder Leif Jägerbrand decided to enter the hotel tech space by creating a hotel revenue management system worthy of the 21st century.


Given the track record within adtech and the similarity between optimizing display ads and hotel room rates, Leif was confident about starting Atomize in 2016.

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To sum it up, I’m a tech guy by trade and an entrepreneur at heart whose greatest joy is solving complex business problems with technology.

Leif Jägerbrand, Founder & Chairman

of the Board at Atomize AB

Meet the people

At Atomize we’re passionate about people. It’s what helps us create great software for our customers and what helps us work so well together as a team.

Atomize Team

Leif Jägerbrand 

Alexander Edström

Karim Parto

Founder & Chairman


Commerical Director

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Alexandra Fjällman

Linus Valtersson

Gustav Arngården

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Marketing & Brand Director

Software Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

Mikael Isik

Anton Muratov

Richard Harmon

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Software Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

Global Client Success & Support Manager

Sam Vajedi

Filippo Del Tedesco

Moisés Meza

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Software Developer

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Jacob Engdahl

Jimmy Petersson

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Albin Lindbäck

Software Engineer

Data Scientist

Senior Software Engineer





Revenue Management

Vastra Hamngatan 11, 411 17 Gothenburg, Sweden

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